131 guarding your health


Medical Information Service 131 - a fundamentally new information line on the provision of information about medical services in health care institutions subordinated to the health committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee /

    The number for a call from a landline is 131.

    The number to call from a mobile phone is 7131.

    The international call number is +37517 2844143.

    Service mode 131 - on weekdays from 7.00 to 21.00. A call from a city number is free, a call from a mobile phone is charged at the operator's rate.

    The current medical information 131 provides the public with the following information:

   • About addresses, telephone numbers, mode of work in health care facilities
   • On the schedule of admission and the procedure for recording research and consulting narrow specialists
   • About laboratory diagnostics
   • About radiation diagnosis
   • About functional diagnostics
   • About paid hospitalization
   • On the cost of services with the ability to compare for different health facilities
   • Provides the opportunity to sign up for a study / consultation in the required UZ on a specific date and time
   • Applies for a medical taxi call
   • Conducts direct telephone lines with doctors of narrow specialties on the declared subject

    More information can be found at www.131.by